About Goals By Steve

Goal-Oriented Supplements

Most supplements have a branded-jargon name and loud labels. Goals by Steve approaches protein powders and other nutritional supplements with a fundamental shift in communication and design philosophy. Each product carries the name of the goal it is designed to support, making it easy to navigate which products are designed for your needs and reflecting our commitment to purpose-built supplements.

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Australian Family Owned

The Steel brothers, Steve and Andrew, have been fitness enthusiasts since their teenage years growing up in Melbourne. They have always found the best results in fitness, business, and life come from setting smart goals and pursuing them relentlessly. Goals by Steve exists to fulfil the goal of delivering this ethos to the world and assisting as many people as possible in achieving their goals. Now based in Brisbane, the brothers will be sharing their goals and journey with the world on Instagram @steve_steel_goals.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Goals by Steve is to bring a goal-oriented mindset to more people and assist them on their journeys. Success in fitness requires planning, consistent effort, intelligent goal setting, and lifestyle decisions that can determine daily routines. The results are visible and quantifiable, relatively immediate, and the benefits and rewards are felt in daily life. This also requires some degree of pain and sacrifice and constant experiences with failure. In fact, much of fitness is about pursuing failure — lifting as heavy as possible, running as fast and as far as you can, performing as many repetitions of an exercise as possible. Success means pursuing your greatest point of failure. Living as often as you can at the point of peak performance means chasing failure relentlessly, so the next time you fail is more spectacular. This is how we improve ourselves.

This makes setting and achieving fitness goals a perfect reflection of how to create success in all pursuits. We hope that in supporting our customer’s fitness journeys we can help them adopt a goal-oriented mindset where failure is not a thing to be avoided but the key to success.